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Incense Cedar Range

The Calocedrus Decurrens is commonly known as Incense-cedar,

Incense-cedar is a majestic, evergreen tree with flat sprays of aromatic, bright-green foliage, a conical crown, a straight trunk, and cinnamon-brown bark. Though is usually does not exceed 60 ft. in cultivation, specimens in the wild can be twice as tall. Although stands of young trees are killed by fire, the very thick bark protects mature trees.

Incense-cedar is generally found from the southern slope of Mount Hood, Oregon, southward through the Siskiyou, Klamath, and Warner mountains, Cascade and Coast ranges, and from the Sierra Nevada to the Hanson Laguna and Sierra de San Pedro Martir ranges in Baja, California. Incense-cedar is most common in the Sierra Nevada, occurring individually or in small groups

Use Medicinal: Leaves decocted to treat stomach ailments, steamed to treat nasal congestion and colds.

Use Other: An important timber species, Incense Cedar is also the leading wood for the manufacture of pencils, because it is soft but not splintery, and can be sharpened in any direction with ease. The aromatic wood is also used for cedar chests and closets.

Incense cedar was the preferred hearth board of the Native Peoples of Northern California for lighting fires by friction


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