Mountain Hemlock 2002

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Mountain Hemlock Bark 2001

Mountain Hemlock Range

Mountain Hemlock Needles & Cones 2001

The Tsuga Mertensiana is commonly known as Alpine Hemlock, Black Hemlock, Hemlock Spruce, as well as Mountain Hemlock

Mountain hemlock, an evergreen tree, grows 15-150 ft. tall in the wild, but is usually 20-60 ft. in cultivation. It has red-brown, scaly bark, and a slender, pyramidal to irregular crown. The central leader is the most droopy of all hemlocks, often making a 180 degree bend and pointing at the ground. Slim branchlets form graceful, pendent masses of delicate foliage. Needles are atypically round and are swept forward adding to the slender appearance of the branches. Cones are closed for most of their life and range in color from brilliant purple to lime-green or red. Tree with tapering trunk, conical crown of slender horizontal or drooping branches, and very slender, curved, drooping leader; a prostrate shrub at timberline.

Mountain Hemlock is a characteristic species of high mountains, varying greatly in size from a large tree at low altitudes to a dwarf, creeping shrub at timberline. Hemlock groves provide cover, nesting sites, and seeds for birds, as well as foliage for mountain goats and other hoofed browsers. This species honors its discoverer, Karl H. Mertens (1796-1830), the German naturalist.


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