Pinemat Manzanita 2010

Pinemat Manzanita Range

Pinemat Manzanita Leaves 2010

A low-growing ground cover with dark-green, evergreen foliage, red stems and pendulous, pale-pink, spring flowers. The shrub grows 10-18 in. high and spreads 3-5 ft. by means of freely rooting from the intricately branched stems.

Arctostaphylos nevadensis is native to western North America from Washington to California, where it grows in the coniferous forests of the inland and coastal mountain ranges. It is a dominant shrub in the mountain understory chaparral in many areas.

This species is cultivated as a chaparral landscaping plant and it is used to stabilize soil against erosion on mountain slopes

Use Food: Indigenous Californians used the berries to make a cider-like drink.
Attracts: Birds


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