Seep Spring Monkey Flower 2010

Mt Dana, Yosemite, August 2010

  • Mimulus guttatus DC.
  • Seep monkeyflower, Seep monkey-flower, Golden monkey-flower, Common monkeyflower
  • Scrophulariaceae (Figwort Family)
  • Synonyms: Mimulus nasutus
  • USDA Symbol: MIGU
  • USDA Native Status: Native to U.S.

An extremely variable, leafy plant ranging from spindly and tiny to large and bushy, with yellow bilaterally symmetrical flowers on slender stalks in upper leaf axils. Seep monkey-flower or golden monkey-flower grows as an annual or perennial and is known for its spikes of snapdragon-like flowers topping leafy, 2-3 ft. stems. The bright-yellow flowers, spotted with purple on the lower lip, appear against soft, light-green, broadly rounded and toothed leaves.

In this large genus of several look-alikes with yellow corollas, Common Monkeyflower is distinguished by the longer upper tooth on the angular calyx.

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