Sierra Arnica

Twenty Lakes Basin, Hoover Wilderness, California, July 2016

Blooms: July - August
Habit: herb
Duration: perennial
Origin: Native
Conservation Status: Watch List ()

General: Perennial from long, naked, branched rhizomes, 1-3 dm. tall, glandular throughout, the stems often solitary.

Leaves: Cauline leaves 2-3 pairs, the lower larger and petiolate, the blade broadly ovate with rounded to sub-cordate base, 3-7 cm. long and 2-4 cm. wide; the long-petiolate basal leaves, similar to the lower leaves, often on separate short shoots.

Flowers: Heads 1-3; involucre 10-15 mm. high, densely covered with short-stalked glands; pappus white to straw-colored, strongly barbellate.

Fruits: Achenes uniformly glandular or short hairy or both.

Distinguishing Characteristics: The similar Arnica cordifolia has copius long, white hairs on the involucre, while A. nevadensis is only glandular; also, A. nevadensis has entire leaves, while A. cordifolia usually has toothed leaves.

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