Sierra Lily 2011

Ansel Adams Wilderness, River trail near Olaine Lake, August 2011

  • Lilium kelleyanum Lemmon
  • Kelley's lily
  • Liliaceae (Lily Family)
  • Synonym(s): Lilium fresnense, Lilium nevadense, Lilium nevadense var. shastense
  • USDA Symbol: LIKE
  • USDA Native Status: L48 (N)

Lilium kelleyanum is a perennial herb known to exceed two meters in height. It originates from a scaly, elongated bulb up to about 8 centimeters long. The oval leaves are located in several whorls about the stem, each up to 15 centimeters in length and drooping at the tip. The inflorescence bears up to 25 large, nodding lily flowers. The flower is bell-shaped with 6 strongly recurved yellow to orange tepals up to 6 centimeters in length. There are 6 stamens with large red anthers and a pistil which may be over 3 centimeters in length. The flowers are pollinated by swallowtails.

Found in central and southern Sierra above 6000'

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