Two Males


Male Bugling

Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Girdwood, Alaska

AWCC maintains a herd of elk for Watchable Wildlife. Elk in Alaska are found on Afognak and Raspberry Islands off of Kodiak Island. Like the plains bison, many of the elk at AWCC were once ranch animals. The dominant male with the largest set of antlers is Homer, and the second largest is Danny Junior. Iggy is a female that was orphaned in 1994 and became habituated to people. Look for newborn calves in June.

Some of the elk at AWCC originate from the Yukon Territory and were shipped here for care. A female elk will abandon her calf if it is born too late in the season because it will not be able to survive a cold northern winter. Our large bull, Danny Junior, has helped produce a healthy herd of strong, stable animals.

Roosevelt Elk Range

Range - Green

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