Kansas Gopher Snake 2008

Kansas Gopher Snake in the road 2008

In our tracks on the way to Sunflower Mountain 2008

Kansas County Road Wa-N3, Sep 2008

Size: Length in Kansas up to 88 3/4 inches.

Harmless. Largest snake in Kansas; keeled scales; pattern of 33–73 large brown or black blotches on brownish yellow body. Tail with alternating yellow and black bands. Belly yellowish with variable black mottling. Young same as adults.

Lives in open grasslands as well as open woodland and woodland edge; common in cultivated fields where there is an abundance of rodents. Active from April to November; generally diurnal, basking in the sun or foraging for food, but becomes nocturnal during hot summer months. Number of eggs per clutch ranges from 3-22. Constrictor. Most economically beneficial snake in Kansas, consuming large quantities of rodents and saving farmers from much grain loss; also eats pocket gophers, rabbits, ground squirrels, birds and bird eggs. Emits a loud “hiss” when disturbed or frightened.


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