Bartlett Peak 2014


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Another peak in the area named after a West Point professor by Col. Forsyth. First showed on the Dardanelles 30' map in 1912. An easy scramble and another example of an exfoliating granite formation. Take caution in the event of any rain while you are ascending/descending as the rock face get slippery.

Climbing: Bartlett Peak straddles the border between the northwestern reaches of Yosemite National Park and the Emigrant Wilderness. It is the prominent summit seen when ascending Cherry Creek Canyon--itself a highly worthwhile scramble in its own right--or when hiking through Lord Meadow. Compared to other areas in the Sierra, this is a relatively lightly visited region, but it possesses great beauty nonetheless. A trip here in spring when the creeks are flowing and snow lingers on the abundant granite is likely to be a memorable one.

Elevation & GPS

Location: 38.0931, -119.7742


2014 Mz view, Gn & Js ascent

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