Cathedral Spires 2009



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Named by James Hutchinson in September 1862. Native Americans referred to these as Poo-see-na-chuc-ka, meaning 'Mouse-proof rocks' as they resembled the shape of their acorn caches. Also know as 'The Three Graces.'

First climbed in 1933-34 by a Sierra Club party, these were the last prominent peaks to be scaled. In fact, the first attempt came up short because they did not have enough pitons and had to order more from overseas for their next attempt, which was successful. The techniques used to summit these were a stepping stone to the Big Wall climbing of the late 1950's.

Elevation & GPS

High- 5627'
37.7136°N / 119.63255°W
Low- 5545'
37.71433°N / 119.63126°S


2009 Mz first image


Spires in the Mist

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