Excelsior Mountain 2016


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Most likely named by the USGS during the Bridgeport 30' map survey in 1905. This name is included in the 1911 first edition, however, it is not on LeConte's Elevations and already existed when the 1906 YNP boundary survey was conducted.

Climbing: Excelsior mountain is made up of mostly rust-colored metamorphic rock similar to nearby Mount Dana. Its summit is class 2 from several directions. However, Excelsior's northeast face drops steeply into a glacial cirque and was the site of a fatality in August of 2005. The southeast side of Excelsior is cut off by impressive cliffs that drop into Lundy Canyon.

Elevation & GPS

38.02400°N / 119.304°W


2016 First close view

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