Hetch Hetchy Dome 2008


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Several sources abound on the origin of Hetch Hetchy. It is a Miwok word for a plant with edible seeds, the Tuolumne Indians used the name for a grass that was pounded in mortars to make meal and in the language used by Tenaya it means tree. I will go with Tenaya as the tale is there were two yellow pine trees where the trail from the ridge met the valley, therefore, Hetch Hetchy means The Valley of the Two Trees. First visited by Joseph Screech in 1850. The dome was not named until 1951 in the 8th edition of the Yosemite 30' sheet. And lastly, John Muir makes reference to the feature, "Facing Kolana, on the opposite side of the valley, is a rock, 1800 feet high, which presents a sheer precipitous front like El Capitan of Yosemite..." in 1873.

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2008 Mz, Bf first visit

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