Koip Crest 2009


Interesting Facts & Highlights

Yosemite (N) & Ansel Adams (S)

Probably named from the Mono Indian word Koipa, meaning 'mountain sheep' in the Northern Paiute dialect indicating the presence of Bighorn sheep that died out years ago. In 1987 there was a reintroduction in the Lee Vining Creek area with sightings of five having moved to Parker Creek and Parker Lake, a former range of this magnificent animal. Willard Johnson of the USGS named this peak and ridge in 1883, and has been shown as Ko-ip in prior map versions. The pass and peak are both now in the Ansel Adams Wilderness and Inyo National Forest, however they were within park borders between 1890 to 1905.

Elevation & GPS

12257' medium


2009 Mz, Gn camp

Koip Crest South Ridge 2009

South Crest in Ansel Adams Wilderness

Koip Crest North Ridge 2009

North Crest in Yosemite Wilderness

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