Ribbon Fals 2012


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Flows off a cliff on the west side of El Capitan, and is the largest single-drop waterfall in North America. The fall is fed by melting winter snow; while therefore dry for much of the year, the fall is a spectacular 1,612 feet (491 m) in the spring. In exceptional years, an ice cone develops at its base during the winter months similar to that which usually forms beneath Upper Yosemite Fall. This deposit can reach a depth of 200 feet, versus 322 feet for the greatest depth of the ice cone beneath the Upper Fall. It is the tallest, continuous falls waterfall in the Unites States.

The Indians call this Lung-oo-too-koo-yah, the graceful and slender one. A literal translation is 'Pigeon Basket' and most likely named due to the large population of Pigeons in the area of the creek that feeds the fall. It was Englishized by Mr Hutchings as an English name was desirable.

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2010 Mz first image

Ribbons Falls @ Night 2010

Ribbon Falls @ Nite 2010

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