Richardson Peak 2014


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Named during the Wheeler survey in June 1879. Lt. Macomb was travelling with Mr Thomas Richardson, a sheep rancher from Cherry Valley who was very familiar with the rugged terrain in the area. Another remote and out-of-the-way opportunity peak climb, with access from Jack Main Canyon or up and over from Huckleberry Lake. Low class 5 from the north approach and a sand and scree descent from the south ridge.

Climbing: Richardson Peak is located in a very remote area near the northwest boundary of Yosemite National Park. It is over 20 miles to the nearest trailhead and over 3 miles to the nearest established trail! The easiest approach is from the Pacific Crest Trail in Jack Main Canyon to the east of the peak. If you're looking for solitude, this is an ideal peak for you. Richardson Peak is probably one of the least frequently climbed peaks in Yosemite. Once you leave the PCT, it's highly unlikely that you'll run into anyone.

Elevation & GPS

Location: 38.0838, -119.6927


2014 Mz first view, Gn ascent

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