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A large waterfall on the Merced River just downstream of Nevada Fall in Yosemite National Park, California. While the official height of the waterfall is 317 feet (97 m), the United States Geographical Survey has measured it at approximately 240 feet (73 m). The feature is accessible via the Mist Trail, which climbs close enough to the fall so that hikers must travel through the fall's mist. It is also clearly visible from Glacier Point. The waterfall runs all year long, although by the end of summer it is substantially reduced in volume and can split into multiple strands, rather than a single curtain of water.

Yan-o-pah (little cloud) was the local name of the fall before rechristened as "Vernal" by Lafayette Bunnell, a member of the Mariposa Brigade in 1851. He states that the cool, vernal spray in contrast at midday with summer heat, reminded him of an April shower. The local name was given because of the mist and spray through which the old trail passed and the circular rainbow that presented itself here, and nowhere else in the mountains.

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