Wapama Falls 2008


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A drop of 1080 feet, it is similar to Yosemite falls with 3 sections but carries more water volume than it's famed brethren. When this fall is in full production, the crossing bridge is no-mans land and you better be ready to get wet. More importantly, watch you steps as to not slip it could be fatal. The name is Indian but with unknown meaning. First named 'Hetch Hetchy Falls' between 1863-67 on various maps, in 1896 maps it is referred to as 'Macomb Falls' (Lt. Macomb from the Wheeler survey) and finally became Wapama in 1911 on the Yosemite 30' map. This is a difficult picture to catch, as it's best vantage point is from Kolana Rock on the other side.

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2008 Mz, Bf first view

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