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Named after professor J.B. Wheeler at West Point by Col. Forsyth, who had been his teacher while he was a cadet. As this is a remote area of Yosemite Emigrant, this is an opportunity climb if you are in the vicinity. It is an easy class 2 scramble that gives you nice views all around, with plenty of peaks, ridges and lakes to explore.

Climbing: Wheeler Peak straddles the northwest boundary of Yosemite National Park and southern boundary of the Emigrant Wilderness Area in a very remote area. It is over 20 miles to the nearest trailhead! As such, the peak is seldom climbed.

Few people will hike the distance solely to climb Wheeler Peak; however, if you are thru-hiking the Huckleberry Trail, or visiting nearby Huckleberry Lake, an ascent of Wheeler Peak would make for a quick excursion. The peak is just a mile and a half from Huckleberry Lake and accessible just off the Huckleberry Trail. You can reach the summit with a fairly easy class 2 scramble up the Northeast Ridge.

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2014 Mz, Gn, Js first climb

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