I believe I was just eight years old when we first went to Kennedy Meadows. As my family was into outdoor camping, we had been to many wonderful and beautiful places, especially in Canada. But there was something different about this place. We stayed at one of the private cabins across the Stanislaus River from the campgrounds, which became our summer hangout with tons of great memories. Fishing, rafting the river (kind-of), fishing, hiking and most of all soaking in the fresh air and scenery. I guess the beauty of the area gets you first and then it slowly creeps under your skin and becomes a need to fullfil year after year. And so it has been for me. Apart from two years in Chile, I have never missed at least one visit per year. It became the launch point of our wilderness backpacking trips, a place to get away from the busy Bay Area and now our yearly retreat to celebrate spring and the opning of trout season. A place etched in my mind and flowing thru my viens.

Here are yearly snippets, just the images as they speak the story.

April 2011

Granite Dome 2011

April & November 2007

May our paths and errands meet...