The northern most inhabited island in the Hawaiian chain is one of the most laid back and quiet. Named the Garden Island, it is lush and lays claim to the wettest spot on earth, Mount Waialeale averaging more than 452 inches a year. Betsey and I have started to gravitate towards this magical place with the Princeville/Hanalei area getting most of our attention. If you visit, come to decompress and taste the best sushi on the planet at the Hanalei Dolphin!

January 2016

A great start to the New Year and a wlecomed return after 2 years away.

December 2013

End-of-the-year trip to celebrate my birthday and feast on sushi !!!

September & October 2012

Back-to-back months. We took advantage of a great offer to one of our favorite corners of this world.

April & September 2011

A good year with an anniversary celebration.

October 2010

One great aspect of Kauai are the plentiful trails across the island, especially those available in and around Waimea Canyon and Koke'e Park on the eastern coast. Betsey and I have had some enduring memories exploring this wide open area. One instance after getting to the end of a trail out on the Kanapali Coast, as we rested under a shady tree, we could hear a whale tail slapping down 1000ft below us. This trip we explored the Alaka'i Wilderness, Waimea Canyon and the Kilauea Lighthouse. So much to do !

May our paths and errands meet...