This is our 19th year of back country adventures and what better way then to pay a visit to each of the Wilderness areas that we have traversed. Emigrant leads with 21 visits, Hoover and Yosemite with 4. These have been our playground for almost 2 decades. Next year, as we celebrate number 20, we have a real treat in store that we have been planning for a few years. Read on to find out what adventure we have planned!

Bigelow Lake in Emigrant Wilderness @ 9594 ft

  • Pack-in 17.4 miles by Kennedy Meadows Resort & Pack Station - Thanks Matt
  • Joined by Bill and his daughter Megan who stayed with us at Bigelow and then decided to head back on a leisurely pace
  • Next day George headed up for Bigelow Peak and I went to picture the views
  • Geo made the top of what we thought was Bigelow, only to find out it was an unnamed peak... Will have to get it next time
  • Menu- Betsey's Portabella Burgers ** Black Bean Chow Mein w/Shrimp
  • Next stop - Tilden Lake in Yosemite Wilderness

Tillden Lake in Yosemite Wilderness @ 8898 ft

  • Cross country to Tilden lake via Jack Main Canyon and then up the obvious lower saddle to crest into Tilden
  • Wrong- Backpackers lament as we crossed several saddles/ridges before gaining the last ridge
  • Found a great campsite on the northern shore about halfway from the lake outlet
  • George tagged Snow (10950ft) and Craig Peaks (11087ft) and I explored the surrounding area on the second day
  • Day three up Chittenden Peak (9685Ft)for some 360 degree views across an inspiring horizon
  • A point of reflection wishing Betsey a happy birthday and a tear for our departed Skye (Malamute) who put on a brave battle with cancer
  • Menu- Thai Curry Noodles ** Fresh Trout w/Saffron Rice ** Penna Pesto w/Smoked Salmon
  • Next stop- Mark Lake

Mary Lake in Yosemite Wilderness @ 9619 ft

  • A good use-trail lead us up to Mary Lake that we had visited on our Tower Lake trip
  • The day was glorious and after setting up camp it was just one of those take-it-easy and enjoy the solitude
  • Following day was ridge climbing, fishing and getting ready for the last hike to meet our packers
  • Next day we were an hour early at the meet point, had lunch and then waited, and waited, and waited... Something was not right
  • Our instincts took over and we started to move down trail and kept moving until we showed at another meet point from another trip
  • Our hunch paid off as our packer was waiting with our steady rides
  • Menu- Tuna Penang Curry w/Jasmine Rice ** Szechwan Noodles w/Rice
  • Next stop- Drive home from Leavitt Meadow Pack Station

May our paths and errands meet...