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Kennedy Lake 4 Days 13 Miles
Now for something completely different! For all the years we have plied the backcountry, our significant others have not joined in for various reasons. Whether it was the seemingly tightly wound schedules we planned or the wild eye wonder when we would recall a grueling hike thru bramble and rock slides, our yearly trips must have given off a perception of madness mixed with mayhem and topped off with momentary lapses of reason. So to counteract that undeserved notion, we set to make this a first and have our partners join in to see that we were only partially insane!

  • Day 1 ** Elev +6367 (drive from Half Moon Bay) ** Kennedy Meadows 6367ft ** N38.31179 W119.74562 ** Ahi Tuna with broccoli and rice
  • Day 2 ** Elev +1594/-164 ** Kennedy Lake 7805ft ** N38.26006 W119.65313 ** Pasta Putanesca w/green salad and wine
  • Day 3 ** Base camp ** Kennedy Lake 7805ft ** N38.26006 W119.65313 ** Trout, hot dogs and leftover Putanesca with a healthy dose of red and white wine
  • Day 4 ** Base camp ** Kennedy Lake 7805ft ** N38.26006 W119.65313 ** Pesto (garlic-free) Tortellini with smoked Salmon and the last of the wine
  • Day 5 ** Elev +164/-1594 ** Kennedy Meadows 6367ft ** N38.31179 W119.74562 ** Chevy's on the way home

Pack-in & Camp Setup
In & Around Kennedy Lake
A day of leisure with George and Sara off to Kennedy Lake for some hiking, fishing, swimming and plenty of sunshine. Betsey and I decided to take a short hike into Soda Canyon, the site of the world famous Soda Springs! While it is not a World Heritage Site it is a small mineral spring that is emblematic of the geologic diversity of this part of the Sierra. Some have drank the waters with comments ranging from 'blood/sprite mix' to 'cool and refreshing but I cannot verify either of these. One year on an early season trip George and I discovered mountain lion tracks leading into and all around the spring, and what looked to be a mother and her cub.
Time to Go
But not before we had a special ceremony to perform. Olorin, one of our beloved Malamutes was memorialized with a scattering of his ashes, an invocation of the 4 directions, earth, sky, power animals and spirit guides under a mighty Lodgepole Pine that has been my favorite for many years. It was a beautiful day and brought back many memories for us both, and as we shed a tear we had a sense of peace that he was with friends and would be protected by the animal spirits of Kennedy Lake.

Twenty-two years and counting!!!
May our paths & errands meet

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