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Hoover Yosemite Hoover Wilderness 9 Days 40 Miles
Another year and another trip. This is our 18th year of scouring the Sonora Pass wonderland and we planned to visit a new section with emphasis on peak climbing. George set up the itinerary and away we went. As we were to discover, this part of the country is a bit more rugged than what we have experienced so far. However, it made for an interesting trip but I am not sure if my feet will ever recover.

This particular trip posed one logistical challenge. We were entering at Twin Lakes and exiting at Leavitt Meadows, about 30 odd miles apart. Fortunately George was able to find a kind soul who picked us up at Leavitt Meadows, where we parked the car, and then dropped us off at the trailhead. This was also a bit of an exceptional trip as we were not horse packing in but making our feet do the walking. With those heavy packs we picked a trail that ascended fast right from the get go. We huffed and puffed our way into Horse Creek canyon and found the only nice spot around to camp and acclimate for the afternoon. The ruggedness of the terrain contrasted with the smooth weathered landscape that defines most of Emigrant Wilderness. We were treated to some fantastic light dancing as the sun set behind cloudy skies
Day 1 & 2
Day 1 Horse Creek ** 3.7 miles ** Elev Change- 2380 ** Hike-in ** Camp Elev- 9381 ** Dinner- Betsey's Pasta Putanesca
Day 2 Spiller Canyon ** 2.97 miles ** Elev Change- 2853 ** Activity- Matterhorn (Geo) ** Camp - 9811 ** Dinner- Yellow Curry Chicken
Day 3 & 4
Day 3 Matterhorn Canyon ** Miles- 3.72 ** Elev Change- 3216 ** Cross country hike ** Camp Elev- 9167 ** Dinner-Pesto Tortellini with Smoked Salmon
Day 4 Mule Pass ** Miles- 7.37 ** Elev Change- 4028 ** On trail hike ** Camp Elev- 10320 ** Dinner- Thai Vegetable in Peanut Sauce over rice
Day 5 thru 7
Day 5 Thompson Canyon 1 ** Miles- 5.91 ** Elev Change- 3215 ** On trail + cross-county ** Camp Elev- 9918 ** Dinner- Black Bean Chow Mien with Crab
Day 6 Thompson Canyon 1 ** Rest ** R+R and a good soak to get clean ** Camp Elev- 9918 ** Dinner- Penne w/Sun Dried Tomato Pesto and Pine Nuts
Day 7 Thompson Canyon 2 ** Miles- 0.80 ** Elev Change- 309 ** Short move and Hawksbeak climb ** Camp - 10227 ** Dinner- Red Curry with Walnuts
Day 8 & 9
Day 8 Upper Piute Meadow ** Miles- 4.76 ** Elev Change- 2512 ** Cross country and on trial ** Camp Elev- 8276 ** Dinner- Pad Thai w/chicken
Day 9 Out to Walker Meadow ** Miles- 11.4 ** Elev Change- 3424 ** On trial and horse pack ** Dinner- Mexican at La Morentia
May our paths & errands meet

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