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Emigrant Yosemite Hoover Wilderness 8 Days 45 Miles
This is our 19th year of back country adventures and what better way then to pay a visit to each of the Wilderness areas that we have traversed. Emigrant leads with 21 visits, Hoover and Yosemite with 4. These have been our playground for almost 2 decades. Next year, as we celebrate number 20, we have a real treat in store that we have been planning for a few years. Read on to find out what adventure we have planned!

Bigelow Lake in Emigrant Wilderness @ 9594ft
Pack-in 17.4 miles by Kennedy Meadows Resort & Pack Station - Thanks Matt
Joined by Bill and his daughter Megan who stayed with us at Bigelow and then decided to head back on a leisurely pace
Next day George headed up for Bigelow Peak and I went to picture the views
Geo made the top of what we thought was Bigelow, only to find out it was an unnamed peak... Will have to get it next time
Menu- Betsey's Portabella Burgers ** Black Bean Chow Mien w/Shrimp
Next stop - Tilden Lake in Yosemite Wilderness
Tillden Lake in Yosemite Wilderness @ 8898 ft
Cross country to Tilden lake via Jack Main Canyon and then up the obvious lower saddle to crest into Tilden
Wrong- Backpackers lament as we crossed several saddles/ridges before gaining the last ridge
Found a great campsite on the northern shore about halfway from the lake outlet
George tagged Snow (10950ft) and Craig Peaks (11087ft) and I explored the surrounding area on the second day
Day three up Chittenden Peak (9685Ft) for some 360 degree views across an inspiring horizon
A point of reflection wishing Betsey a happy birthday and a tear for our departed Skye (Malamute) who put on a brave battle with cancer
Menu- Thai Curry Noodles ** Fresh Trout w/Saffron Rice ** Penne Pesto w/Smoked Salmon
Next stop- Mary Lake
Mary Lake in Yosemite Wilderness @ 9619 ft
A good use-trail lead us up to Mary Lake that we had visited on our Tower Lake trip
The day was glorious and after setting up camp it was just one of those take-it-easy and enjoy the solitude
Following day was ridge climbing, fishing and getting ready for the last hike to meet our packers
Next day we were an hour early at the meet point, had lunch and then waited, and waited, and waited... Something was not right
Our instincts took over and we started to move down trail and kept moving until we showed at another meet point from a prior trip
Our hunch paid off as our packer was waiting with our steady rides
Menu- Tuna Penang Curry w/Jasmine Rice ** Szechwan Noodles w/Rice
Next stop- Drive home from Leavitt Meadow Pack Station
Next year- Pacific Crest Leavitt to Tuolumne Meadows
May our paths & errands meet

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