Huckleberry Lake
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John Muir 1992

Kennedy Lake 1990
MilesDaysTotal ElevationFun Facts
38.71016,084 ftLongest trip to date and one off our most memorable
After 5 years of plowing through the Emigrant, it was time to take on a new wilderness and John Muir fit the bill. Believe this was George's pick and was also to be our longest trip to date. Given the distance to the Seven Gables Basin, pack in was a must and the High Sierra Pack Station was our jump off point. Great outfit, getting us to our drop point and also positioning our SUV so we could walk out a different route, basically avoiding a nasty up and down. This area has some of the most spectacular scenery, rugged and raw high elevations (10k+) and lightly traveled. Bonus was bluebird skies for the entire trip.
Day 1Pack-in16.8 miles Total elevation 5,766 ft
Day 2Move to Vee Lake3.1 miles Total elevation 1,655 ft
Day 5Move to Big Bear Lake1.1 miles Total elevation 845 ft
Day 8Move to Brown Bear Lake1.2 miles Total elevation 1,539 ft
Day 9
Day 10
Move to Bear Creek Dam
Hike out
13.8 miles
2.3 miles
Total elevation 5,762 ft
Total elevation 512 ft
May our paths & errands meet

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