Emigrant 1993-94
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Emigrant 1993-94

Kennedy Lake 1993
MilesDaysTotal ElevationFun Facts
15.133,294 ftSnowbound
First was the yearly pilgrimage to Kennedy Lake and we found a lot of snow along the way and at the lake. These are some of my most memorable hikes, just a short 8 miles and you are enveloped in a whole new world!
Emigrant Wilderness 1993
MilesDaysTotal ElevationFun Facts
31.8810,600 ftHike out via Lost & Kennedy Lake
After an August trip to Glacier Park, George and I teamed with my brother (John) and his brother in-law (Tom) to pack into Big Emigrant Lake and then hike out via Emigrant Meadow and Kennedy Lakes. The highlight on this trip was the drop from Lost Lake down to Kennedy. No more than a deer path with a steep drop if you misplaced your footing, it unfold well except for a sleeping bag that got loose from Tom's pack and tumbled down the slope. Good side of this story, he was able to retrieve it before it went tumbling over the edge! It was a short distance from Lost Lake to Kennedy, however, it was a brutal down slope and we all walked into camp exhausted but glad the rest of the way was an easy downhill.
Yosemite Wilderness 1994
MilesDaysTotal ElevationFun Facts
George & Sr 34.6 ~ Mark 38.6714,428 ft (Mark)Dorothy Lake & Kennedy Lake
One trip only this year, covering Emigrant and Yosemite Wilderness as my attentions were focused on getting married in October to the love of my life, Betsey. Kennedy Meadows packed us in to Emigrant Meadow Lake and we hiked via Bond Pass down to Dorothy Lake. This was to be our first steps into Yosemite Wilderness and whole new world to explore. We hiked over into the Sisters Lakes and explored all around Dorothy Lake. George sharpened his climbing skills and I was fortunate enough to snap a picture of a Whitetail Ptarmigan. Found out many years later this was an experimental planting released in 1971 and had made it all the way to 1994 when we wandered by. Curious if they still are habituating the area, so will have to go back and find out for myself. On our return, we opted for the shortest path that took George and George Sr. via Lost Lake and I tackled the trail up and over Big Sam to meet at Kennedy Lake. Added about 2 miles to my hiking, but was well worth the trek.
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