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Twenty Lake Basin 5 Days Base camp for North Peak
A return for a deeper exploration of the 20 Lakes Basin in the Hoover Wilderness, after getting a taste in 2016 tackling Mt. Conness. The target was an ascent of North Peak and the cast of characters included George, Umair (welcome to the crew), John and myself. Time was short, as George and Umair arrived at 9am and we went straight to the trailhead at 10,000 feet and hiked in 3.5 miles to Steelhead Lake. It was only 500ft of elevation gain but we took our time given the rapid ascent from sea level. A few days of acclimatization did the trick and George and Umair made the peak! John joined us for part of the trip and was fishing away in the many lakes with many trout to catch. My goal was to explore and photograph the stunning surroundings and trek away. Mission accomplished.
The Lakes
You could not walk more than a few feet and there was another lake. Images are from the northern section of the basin with varying views.
Time with a Clark's Nutcracker
I spent a good hour following several Nutcrackers as they went about pecking Whitebark Pinecones to their core and littering the forest floor for other species to whisk away. Might nice of them to help the community.
The Peaks
Surrounded by peaks was the theme. If you have any infinity for these rubbles of rock, it is the place to be. With one spectacular high point after another and North Peak's never ending presence.
Night Sky & Twisted Trees
I ventured out of my cocoon tent a few nights to try my hand at night photography. As I was breaking in a new camera, there were some frustrations getting the controls right, but eventually succeeded in taking some interesting images. And, while wandering around one day, came across some gnarled Whitebark tress in varying ghostly states and swirling roots. Something different.
Camp, Fishing &Tungsten
Some shots of our 5 day base camp and fishing the lakes. The challenge here is to nab all four species of trout: Rainbow, Brook, Golden and German Brown. George did catch/release 3 of 4! And last but not least, some pics of the Hess Tungsten Mine tailings and the metamorphic rock seam that creates this mineral.
Thursday September 1stChicken Puttanesca
Friday September 2ndChicken Coconut Curry
Saturday September 3rdFresh Trout & Coconut Veggies
Sunday September 4tgPad Thai with Chicken
Monday September 5thPasta Penne with Smoked Salmon
Trip Stats
Steelhead Lake 10279 ftN 37.99339° W 119.30275°
Hidden Lake10312 ftN 37.99313° W 119.30020°
North Peak12152 ftN 37.98209° W 119.31461°
Elevation Change+498 ft-344 ft
Total miles (OW)3.84 miles
May our paths & errands meet

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