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Brugge Belgium Chocolate Shopping Trip
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We started our trip at Waterloo station in London, boarded the Eurostar and moved at warp speed until we reached Brussels, the Belgium and EU capital. A local express put us at the Brugge station within an hour. There was a harsh wind crossing the North Sea and penetrating your outer shell like you were on top of the world, sitting in the jet stream. But it was buffered by the beauty, history and friendly locals who made it a special place. Brugge is the oldest mediaeval city in Europe with many of its building still intact. Today it is famous for its fine lace and beer, but in the 12th to 14th centuries it was the center of trade. It was on the banks of the Brugge canals that merchants traded goods and the word " bank" was coined. The stock market as we know it today was also started here. Click here for a quick history lesson on Brugge.

We found a wonderful B+B by searching the Net, and now make it easy with a click of the mouse on 'A Nice Pace to Stay'. If you do go, do not miss a Horse Cab ride that will whisk you down the cobbled streets in high style, which can be arranged at the Town Square. An amazing amount of high quality restaurants are available with a wide variety of cuisine's. But do yourself a favor, and save room during your meals and in your luggage to taste and take home the worlds best chocolates, Yummmmmmm. Here we can see the typical tourist laden down with a joyful burden, just don't open the wrappers until you get home, or they will not make it. They are also useful in bribing Customs Agents.
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