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We had not been back here for quite a few years and relished the opportunity to see family and crawl around London, one of our favorite spots in this big wide world. We stayed at the Amherst B+B and were treated as if we were family. This time our wanderings were out in the countryside to experience the green rolling hills and a few bits of history that this country has no shortage of.
Hatfield Manor and Fair
First jaunt was to Hatfield Manor and also to stroll the grounds. Who would have guessed that there was a country fair going on as well. Was a bit of fun.
London Walks
Always on our agenda, London Walks is the best way to get around and see the sites, feel the pulse of the city old and new, and soak in some history and knowledge from a stable of experts that always delivers. Angela is our favorite! Here are some shots from three walks, The Inns of Court, Somewhere Else London and Beatles 'In My Life'.
London Eye
For bird's eye views, this is the ticket, however it can be crowded so plan ahead. The ride is very smooth but as we got to the very top, a sharp stop, a bit of backwards-forwards-backwards and finally positive forward motion made for a memorable experience
Dorney and Eton in the Country ◆ Hever Castle
Our gracious hosts at the Amherst B+B were kind enough to take us on another country ride and we headed off to Dorney and Eton, which will be the site for the Olympic rowing competition in 2011. We visited a country manor and strolled along waterway paths teeming with waterfowl and peaceful vistas for a relaxing day.

Hever Castle was the childhood home of Anne Boleyn, the ill-fated second wife of King Henry the Eighth. Henry came to woo Anne at Hever, held court in the great hall and their footsteps echoed for us in the hallways and courtyards. And once again, escorted by the wonderful proprietors of Amherst B+B, which has a five star rating no less.
Amherst B+B (5 Stars)
A hidden gem in a leafy West London neighborhood, this palatial home sits on a quiet one block street where the fountains are home to migrating ducks and foxes visit every night. Impressive art work, a modern open floor plan and perfectly sculpted grounds are only part of the ambience, as you are treated to scrumptious breakfasts and candle light dining that will have you coming back for more. Krys and Monica are the perfect hosts and welcome you with open arms.
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Elephant Walk
While we were visiting, there was a unique art display in progress on the streets of London, raising funds to help save the Asian Elephant from extinction in the wild. We were immediately fascinated by each of the sculptures and went out of our way to see and catch a photo of each. Of the 258 statues, I was able to capture 33 provided below. Take a moment to browse thru these as each is a unique creation and the campaign raised over £4 million. The information below is directly off the organization's web site if you wish to learn more.

Elephant Family is a small but hugely ambitious charity working to save the Asian elephant from extinction in the wild. Registered in 2002, Elephant Family has developed into a lean and focused force for the endangered Asian elephant. Acutely aware of overcrowding in the charity sector, we exist out of urgent necessity due to a serious lack of investment and attention going into elephant conservation.

Elephant Parade represents the greatest opportunity to date to raise funds and awareness for our cause. Elephant Parade is a social enterprise founded by father and son Mike and Marc Spits. Through their exhibitions, they aim to raise support for the endangered Asian elephant, with benefits of Elephant Parade being donated to Elephant Family.
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