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Local Corner of Paradise

From many of us, we see far away places as enticing, exotic and out of reach. But many times we do not see the wonder of our own backyard, even as we gaze upon what eludes us. The scenes are part of our everyday and could not possibly hold anything exciting, or be worth taking some time to experience. Ramrod Ranch is one of these places. Situated in the Carmel Valley along the coastal mountains, it is another part of this spectacular state that reveals itself along a winding country road.

I was fortunate to get a glimpse into this isolated paradise thru an invitation by one of my mentors, Christopher. He started me on a path towards photography, not by teaching all there is to know, but by instilling an appreciation of the power of photography and how it can transform an image floating in your mind, that has presented itself in the viewfinder, into something that can be touched and shared. Photography showcases your inner mind and thoughts to the outside world.

I have given you the Where (sorry, no GPS coordinates for this one) and the Why, now for the Who and What. First some shots of the grounds and landscape!
The Birds
The main attraction to this coastal spot is the wildlife, mostly manifested in a healthy bird population. This is home to foxes, coyotes, mountain lions and a bevy of other four footed creatures, but the birds are drawn to this spot. Whether it is the quiet wide open spaces, the year round playground afforded by a temperate climate or the fact that there is a bird feeder every ten feet and at least a ton of high quality bird feed available. In either case, they like it here!
The Company
No getaway weekend is complete without a band of merry men! Bruce our host, thanks for the accommodations and invite. Christopher, the keeper of a sourdough starter from the Sierra foothills that turns into killer flapjacks or pancakes, I can never get those straight. And Crocker, who drives a ton of miles just to be with the other two to see what mayhem they can raise. There is a lot of jesting, good nature joking, reminiscing old tales from the Photo Wars and adult beverage consumption, with an ample supply on-hand at all times. And to round it out, a larder that contains consumables that could be candidates for the Antiques Roadshow. Cheers to you all!
May our paths & errands meet

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