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Not All Those Who Wander are Lost (J.R.R. Tolkien)

On this page you will see random scenes of wandering around Yosemite that are off-the-beaten path and just a bit different, mixed in with some my favorites. Hope you enjoy!
Yosemite 2020 (June)
The big story of 2020 will be the pandemic and what we all endured and dealt with. I was fortunate to be in the park the day before it closed and lucky enough to score a day pass right after it opened. I decided on Tuolumne Meadows, booked a tent camp at Evergreen Lodge and drove into the park early morning. Was not really sure what to expect, but knew it should not be too crowed as Tuolumne Meadows had not opened any facilities. The drive along Tioga Road was telling, hardly a car to be seen and once I made the meadow, could not have been more than 25 cars along road. Perfect! Decided to hike into Cathedral Lakes on a gorgeous warm day. A bit of traffic on the trail, but noting like the summer throng usually brings, and why I stay out of Yosemite in the summer time. My main fasciation was seeing Cathedral Peaks close up from several angles and walking the lakes. Impressive assemblage of rocks and nature. Pretty hard to have a bad day in this park.
Yosemite 2016 (April)
Wawona is an area of Yosemite that is off-the-beaten path to many visitors as they just a drive by on their way to the valley. If you decide to pause your mad dash, it has its own unique history and houses a historical reminder of of those who came to build their lives and contribute to the legend of Yosemite. The Pioneer History Center brings together historical structures that housed the bold and adventurous people that tamed this wild and weaved tales of inspiration that would eventually spur American leaders to preserve the land for future generations. While we may not agree with motives and outcomes, the path to our present day park was built by these intrepid trail blazers.
Yosemite 2015 (February-April-May-December)
This year started off with no rain and turned into the 4th year of a serious drought, with rationing for everyone. Most of us participated but there were many that did not feel any obligation. Two Moonbow attempts were very soft but we finished off the year with a flurry of rain and snow. A good omen for 2016 winter.
Yosemite 2014 (February-May-December)
This year was all about Pacman and the Yosemite Valley Railroad. The Yosemite Valley Railroad (YVRR) was a short-line railroad operating from 1907 to 1945 in the state of California, mostly following the Merced River from Merced to Yosemite National Park, carrying a mixture of passenger and freight traffic. Contrary to the name of the railroad, rail service did not extend to Yosemite Valley itself, but rather ended at the park boundary as the construction of railroads is prohibited in the National Parks. Passengers would disembark at the park boundary in El Portal, CA and take a stage coach.
Yosemite 2013 (January-February-May)
A very interesting year with my first encounter with hoar ice on the banks of the Merced River. It took a minute to comprehend what I was looking at and it was like nothing I had ever come across. Tiny cracks in the ice formed along the side of the river act as a stem for these ice flowers. As water squirts into the air from water currents thru these cracks, the cold air freezes the action and creates a masterpiece. The big dipper was out in full force for the Moonbow trip (just one this year).
Yosemite 2012 (All 12 months)
Just a few shots from this year as the Season Scenes page captures my project to be in the park each month and see the transformation. A better snow year would have been nice. A good excuse to try it again!!!
Yosemite 2011 (February-April)
Following a good snowfall, Yosemite reveals another facet of the jewel. It is my favorite time in the park as the cool air invigorates every step you take, brings out shy creatures and creates scene after scene as you explore.
Yosemite 2010 (February-April)
A bit of nitetime photography, experimenting with black & white conversions and just a lot of water all around.
Yosemite 2009 (January-February-May-June)
May our paths & errands meet

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