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Año Nuevo

Año Nuevo
The purpose of Año Nuevo State Park, in San Mateo County, is to preserve and protect the scenic, biological, ecological, and cultural values of the central California coastline, including Año Nuevo Island and properties on the western slope of the coast range inland from Año Nuevo Point. The park protects and interprets the pinniped rookeries, a prime resource, and significant wildlife habitats on Año Nuevo Island and the mainland - As quoted on the park's web site
Seal Adventures January 2020
For 2020, thought I would expand the images to show more of thee park and the terrain you experience in this magical corner of the coast. This year our good friends Linda And Jeff came along and we finished off the adventure at Dad's Luncheonette! Yum
Seal Adventures January 2018-19
Seal Adventures January 2017
Seal Adventures January 2015
Coastside Parks Association does a Seal Adventure two weekends each year. For a reasonable fee, you get 3.5 hours access to the entire reserve and can move around at your pace. Docents monitor all the activity and provided insights at the three main lookouts, as well as act as traffic cops to keep you a safe distance away from these rather large and fast mammals. The fees go to a good cause.
Sunrise Photography February 2014
If you want to get an early start and private access to Año Nuevo State Park, then the Sunrise Photography Tour hosted by the Coastside Parks Association. It is a bit on the expensive side but you get into the park before dawn, shuttle ride to Bike Beach and open access to the reserve. This is a ranger led tour, so no docents but you get a different perspective. Also, we were treated to a talk with the Director of Research, which was fascinating hearing his depth of knowledge.
Visit with Friends February 2013
Our good friends Liz and Jack were visiting us from back east and we popped into the park on our way to Monterey. Another fun excursion that they enjoyed.
First Visit February 2009
Our first time seeing this amazing place. We had a great docent (Raman's regular), perfect weather and a real treat that will draw us back again and again. And it is just a 35 minutes drive, you cannot ask for more.
Stay tuned for 2017!!!
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