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Kennedy Meadows :: Where it all began
I believe I was just eight years old when we first went to Kennedy Meadows. As my family was into outdoor camping, we had been to many wonderful and beautiful places, especially in Canada. But there was something different about this place. We stayed at one of the private cabins across the Stanislaus River from the campgrounds, which became our summer hangout with tons of great memories. Fishing, rafting the river (kind-of), fishing, hiking and most of all soaking in the fresh air and scenery. I guess the beauty of the area gets you first and then it slowly creeps under your skin and becomes a need to fulfill year after year. And so it has been for me. Apart from two years in Chile, I have never missed at least one visit per year. It became the launch point of our wilderness backpacking trips, a place to get away from the busy Bay Area and now our yearly retreat to celebrate spring and the opening of trout season. A place etched in my mind and flowing thru my veins.

Here are yearly snippets, the images speak the story.
April 2022 :: Following mountain lion tracks to Relief Reservoir
Two panoramas :: Relief Reservoir & The Dardanelles
April 2021 :: Aftermath of the Donnell Fire of 2019
Expanding my yearly photo drop for Kennedy Meadows, as 2020 was a lost year due to the Covid shutdown. First section will contain some of my favorite location shots including the opening hike up SR108 for Emigrant Wilderness Vistas, opening day of fishing and getting reacquainted with this special corner of the world!
A look at aftermath of the Donnell fire in 2019. As the trees are cleared, utter devastation and an altered landscape for years to come. My heart goes out to all who lost their summer homes.
A stroll along the Donnell's lookout trail. Note the water level and where the fire (inlet) in 2019 started.
A stroll to see the Columns of the Giants, a hidden geological wonder.
And finally a snow blanket to finish off the weekend!
April 2019
April 2018
April 2017 :: Huckleberry Trail to Relief Reservoir
April 2016
April 2015 :: The white stuff
April 2014
April 2013 :: Mark, Betsey and the pups
April 2011
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April 2010
April 2009
April & November 2007
May our paths & errands meet

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