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The Caribbean Islands
St. Johns, Virgin Island October 2003
Betsey, having lived on the East Coast is no stranger to the warm islands of the Caribbean. However, being a left coaster for all the time I have spent in the Americas, 2003 was to be my first year to visit this archipelago dotting the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico. The trek to St. Johns takes you thru St. Thomas with a quick boat ride to this fantastic getaway. We stayed at the Westin, and while the service was spotty and the property was being upgraded, the surroundings and tranquil island lifestyle made for a relaxing stay.
Antigua January 2003
Curtain Bluff was our destination in celebration of Betsey's mothers significant birthday. Out on a point the resort has a beachhead on both the ocean and a calm bay. The rooms are spacious and well decorated and the word pampered comes to mind when remembering the service. With one of the best wine cellars on the island and an excellent menu all day long, it is a getaway spot for R+R.
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