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Alaska 2013 :: North to the future
May 2013 Seward & Resurrection Bay
One of the advantages of business travel are those opportunities to add some fun time to hard work. Now, I will be the first to admit that going to Alaska for work, for me, is not a bad thing. And having the opportunity to have Betsey join me for the weekend, is icing on the cake. This year it was a few days in Seward taking in a Resurrection Bay tour to soak in the scenery and catch some wildlife. And we hit the jackpot. As Betsey has described it, it was like a three part play with scene after scene unfolding in front of your eyes. Here are the cast of characters.
March 2013 Matanuska Valley @ AWCC
January 2013 Juneau
January 2013 AWCC
May our paths & errands meet

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