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London 2014
Our 20th wedding anniversary lead us to London and France. We spent a few days prior and after our drive thru the French countryside with family in London and tooled around as we always do.
London 2005
We must like Xmas in London, as this is the third year we have been here during the holidays. This visit was to see the family and my mother who was taking care of her mother in her elder years. Visits to Kew Gardens, Windsor Castle, Oxford and Woodstock were in store. A bit cheer for all!!!
London 2001 (Gremlins)
Just realized this year was omitted from this section.
London 2000 (New Years 2001)
Another Xmas, another visit to London. We arrived early in the morning on Boxing Day to visit friends and also hook up with a colleague from work. As is our norm, we went on several London Walks and highly recommend this professional outfit. Angela is our favorite guide. Do not miss it next time you are there.
London 1994 Honeymoon
Our first trip to the Land of Kings was on our honeymoon. We stayed at a flat in Primrose Hill with a wonderful view of the city. Nearby is our favorite restaurant, Lemonia, on 89 Regent's Park Road. Don't miss it!
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