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Lake Chetek Wisconsin 2023
This is a start of a new series of trip reports focusing on fishing. Over the years have done my fair share and will expand this to include future and past trips not accounted for in other sections in this site.
I have fished in Wisconsin before on the shores of Lake Wisconsin but that was many moons ago. George's dad has a standing reservation in May at the Shorewood Resort on Lake Chetek and I was invited to join George Sr, his good friend Freddie, Ranger (George) & John. Flew into Chicago for the drive up to the lake and we settled in. The cabin rental came with a boat and George Sr was our Captain for the days. Pretty laid back routine. Wake up and fish, grab lunch, go fish, grab dinner, go fish off the dock at the resort. Reds Grill and Bar was close by and was good spot to grab decent bar food with friendly staff. We were also treated to Brat's that John brought along and a fish fry by the master chef (George Sr).

Fishing was good and all of us caught a decent amount. No final totals (we kinda lost count) but the haul included Crappie, Blue Gill, Largemouth Bass, Perch, Walleye and Northern Pike. George Sr pulled a Northern Pike whopper off the dock at the resort, claiming the biggest caught by a wide margin. George took the crown for most caught, so congratulations all around. I was fortunate to catch my share but spent a good portion of my time doing what I love the best, catching some good shots. Enjoy the images!
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